Job Corps is the largest residential education and training program in the United States for disadvantaged youth ages 16 through 24. The program, created under President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, is administered by the United States Department of Labor.

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Excelsior Springs’ training success is based on two basic beliefs — that every student has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential and that students presented with high expectations will rise to the challenge and achieve their goals.

The Excelsior Springs Job Corps, nestled in the heart of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, is committed to providing quality job training for young people serious about developing the work skills and self-discipline necessary to be successful in today’s work force.

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The Excelsior Springs Job Corps is located 25 miles northeast of Kansas City, Missouri. The campus was formerly the Beacon Hill Veterans Hospital. The main campus serves 375 students. The campus is located on 27 acres which include both male and female dormitories, vocational and education buildings, and a gym.

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