Naval Junior ROTC

NJROTC at Excelsior Springs Job Corps

What does NJROTC teach?
The naval science curriculum includes subjects such as leadership, naval history, citizenship, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology, naval ships and sea power. NJROTC is an elective course of formal classroom instruction with physical education credit after completion of each naval science course. NJROTC instruction may be supplemented by training cruises aboard ship, orientation visits and field trips to various naval facilities to enhance classroom studies.

Who gains from NJROTC? You Do!
Like most young adults, cadets (student/employees) strive to prepare themselves for the future. NJROTC can help students who want to continue in trade, go on to take college courses or go on into military service. NJROTC students are under no obligation to join the armed services when they enter NJROTC.

NJROTC encourages participation in community and job corps programs and projects. It encourages civic responsibility, and helps to develop strong and informed leaders for the future.

Extracurricular Activities?
NJROTC students/employees may attend award ceremonies and also may take part in school activities and athletic events as part of a color guard or a drill team, or participate in a field meet against other NJROTC units. Selected cadets get to attend a mini-boot camp or the NJROTC Leadership Academy in the summer.

What is the cost to You? Nothing.
The Navy provides all books, drill equipment, uniforms, and other teaching material. All the student/employee have to provide is dedication to the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment, and the determination and desire to be a well rounded young person of high moral character.

Who can enroll in NJROTC?
To enroll in ESJCC NJROTC, you must be enrolled in the Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center; be physically qualified to participate in drill; be accepted by the Senior Naval Science Instructor, maintain acceptable standards of conduct and academic achievement AND comply with NJROTC personal grooming standards.

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