Student Successes

Joseph Smith named Student of the Month

Joseph Smith is the ESJCC Student of the Month for October and November, 2002. has lived in Gallatin, Missouri for almost all of his 19 years. He did graduate from high school and was working at a fast food restaurant. While looking for a better job, he noticed a Job Corps posting at the unemployment office. He made a phone call, met with an admissions counselor in Kansas City and feels like the decision to enter Job Corps has paid off.
indent barJoseph entered ESJCC on Sept. 11, 2001. He was apprehensive at first and thought the staff was harsh, but realizes now staff just wanted the best out of their students. Joseph chose Business Occupations Training and joined NJROTC.
indent barHis first goals were to complete his education and trade, then to become a leader in NJROTC. In less than 15 months, Joseph has completed math and reading and has risen to Command Master Chief level in the dorm as one of the top three Unit 1 dorm aides. Joseph scored high enough to win student of the month for two consecutive months, and had time for fun, too, on the softball team.

Photo of Joseph Smith, October and November, 2002 Student of the Month
indent barJoseph is definate about his future goals, he wants to complete Job Corps, get a good job, a car that runs well and to start a better life. His advice to fellow JV students, “Choose a goal in life. Once you choose a goal, do not give up. Job Corps may be frustrating at times but if you give up on your goals they get harder and harder to accomplish.”
indent barCongratulations to Joseph for following his own advice and working hard enough to be one of the few students to win Student of the Month more than once!

Robert Stafford advances in Apprenticeship Program

Robert entered the Job Corps after being out of school for about 8 years. He’d only completed the 8th grade but set his sights on a High School Diploma and a trade with an Apprenticeship Program. He wanted to find a good job when he completed so he could support his son, pictured with him at right, and have medical and retirement benefits. Robert chose the Union Painting trade and did very well. He also obtained his High School Diploma.

When Robert graduated from the Excelsior Springs Job Corps in July, he immedately entered the Painting Apprenticeship. After 2 months, he was made a 2nd year apprentice!!

Robert stated that Patricia Green, his math instructor, was his favorite teacher. She was very supportive during the time he spent in Academics. He also credits his painting instructor, Steven Mullen, for preparing him for the Apprenticeship Program and his advancing so quickly in that program.

Good luck, Robert, and keep up the good work!!!

Letter from a former student

My name is Jennifer R. Griffith. I was a student at the Excelsior Springs campus from ’93 to middle of ’94 or ’95. I was in the first class of NJROTC. Commander Philpot and Chief Barry Wilt was heading the class then. I have to say my time at Job Corps will never be an experience I will or have had since. While there I earned my G.E.D. and High School Diploma and a Certified Nurses Assistant License. I am still, to this day, working as a C.N.A. The family that you featured recently, the Damrills, are my sister’s-in-laws family. She herself met and married while there. In fact she married Forrest Damrills brother, Brandon. They now have four beautiful children. I just wanted to say that, even though there were hard times and the food was on the occasional not so great, I would never trade those moments with my friends in Jarmen Hall or Rooservelt Hall.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. – Jennifer R. Griffith

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